The Learning Curves of Making a Website

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We Made it!

So…this should go down in the history books of our lives! This is our very FIRST post! We never thought we would be able to make it this far in web building…But we did. And now, hopefully we can share the things we’ve gone through and what is to come with all of those who read along in this blog. Will this blog be ran well? Well…we’re going to try our darnedest, but please be understanding as we bumble through the learning process of having and continually running a website.

As for what our goal is…We hope to inspire those who want to get back into art or who may want to try something new and want some friends who are willing to do it with them 😀 I hope that we can come to be friends and explore the art world together!!!

“Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.” ~ Unknown


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