Meet Capri


Hi!  Capri here.  I have been doing art most of my life.  Just before high school, I developed my own line of greeting cards using the little bug you see in our logo.  It was quite popular at the local handmade shop and I sold out of most of the cards.   That little bug has been part of my signature ever since.

As time progressed, I taught myself to draw, paint, and experiment with many different media.  Every time I said I would NEVER do something, you could bet I would be doing it in my future.

Over the years, I have sold my own line of beaded jewelry and hair accessories.  I have also been an image consultant and makeup artist for a long time, inspired by my dad’s good friend who was a Hollywood makeup artist. 

As for my most recent endeavors, fiber arts, knitting, spinning yarn, and dyeing have been my most exciting.  I have also worked with paintings and am exploring writing books and doing my own illustrations in the near future.  And yes, I have also learned to make my own bright colored soaps, lotions, and natural products. 

I love to explore anything with texture, color, and multi-dimensions like duo-chrome and holographic pigments.  I have been known to design my own paints and even shoe polish when none was available. 

I really hope you can join Grace and I in our interactive exploration of all things creative.  We all grow from being with other creative minds (yes, you all have some sort of untapped creativity even if you don’t think so).

Let’s have some fun together!


          Capri G.