Color Is My Specialty.
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I have been in love with color since I was tiny, always wanting to surround myself with bright things.  Color makes me happy.  It's like an energy that flies around inside me and just HAS to get out!  

In celebration of color, I have created many award-winning art pieces in the media of beadwork, watercolor, textiles, fiber arts, hand spun yarns, and jewelry.  I have been featured in catalogs and on web sites from time to time with some of my accomplishments,

I have also made great strides as a makeup artist, where I sometimes paint portraits of some of the looks I develop, bringing them to life in a new way.  

I am known to change my appearance constantly to keep myself in practice with color and texture.  Sometimes even my own family does not know what I look like on a given day!  

I am always doing something new and different, so keep checking my site to see what is new, and by all means, let me hear from you!  I love to hear from fans of my work, and enjoy meeting new friends!  

I also have been writing for online sites since 2000 such as Epinions and Viewpoints.